Short Biography

Puisqu’on ne peut être universel sur tout,

il faut savoir un peu de tout.



Pensées, Le livre de Poche, Paris1962

As a child, I was a nuisance for my sciences teachers : I didn't learn my lessons but I read all the scientific magazines (in France "Science et Vie" and "Sciences et Avenir". I came to ask them questions to which they didn't have answers, at least at the level of a child in six grade...

My interest for prehistory was sharpened by papers of Jacques Saint Blancat (A famous French journalist specialised in palaeontology and prehistory). Human apparition and evolution were fascinating me and still do today. More generally as much as I was finding school programs boring, as much I was thrilled with reading various magazines and books. In my teens, Pascal has been for me at the origin of an attraction towards philosophical texts and triggered my desire to explore other modes of thinking. Chinese philosophy, through reading books and documents on  Confucius and even more on Lao Tseu, gave me an opening on a different vision of the unrolling of time and on rapports between human beings.  

After graduating from high school and a year of advance math study (a real ordeal) I got engaged in a master's degree in economy, followed by a post master degree in advanced economic theory. My work for a PHD in economics on  "An Informational Theory of value", was interrupted when I was hired by a large international Computer company, immediately followed by an assignment in the USA.  My job there was in the domain of market analysis and high tech products forecasting. This through surveys,  statistical analysis, end user behaviour model building, etc. That background enabled me to be often asked to teach in various universities  as associated professor. 

A major change was going to have a drastic effect on our family life : The diagnosis of autism given to our son Gilles. 

After a few years, necessary to realise what that meant to us, I started to develop a deeper interest in autism in order to try to better understand what was happening to our son. My wife had been through the same process long before me and her help was crucial in my "discovery" of autism. From this knowledge, followed an intense engagement in advocacy in the field of Autism from my part. 

That didn't stop my professional carrier which was developing all along. However, the combination of my advocacy activities and professional activities, became more an more difficult to manage. As a result I requested with insistence to be allowed to take advantage of an early retirement plan from my company, in order to dedicate all of my time to autism advocacy, which is what I have been doing since may 1998.

I am presently Vice President of the InternationalAssociation  Autism Europe and deputee honorary secretary general of the World Autism Organisation.

Besides autism, I have maintained a passion for prehistory, a major interest for technology evolution, economic systems analysis, in particular through the prism of information theory, les economic models, human behaviour analysis, cognitive  psychology and  artificial intelligence.

My current theme of research, in order to get away a little bit from my advocacy activities, is a research comparing prehistoric art to that of a few young children with autism who have truly exceptional drawing skills. This is one of the pages of this site.

The other pages touch on some other domain on which I like to study nowadays, finally some other pages provide some texts on activities on which I am less active now but on which I still keep an eye.